Type-A packages transport significant quantities of radioactive material between facilities and end user sites. FTC designs and fabricates Type-A shipping packages of various sizes, shielding capacities, and configurations for use, rental, or purchase. Type-A Radioactive Shipping Containers

We design and construct all containers in-house to ensure that we meet the highest quality standards. All of our products adhere to international shipping regulations and protect their contents from damage during shipping. Our containers also meet certification requirements such as USADOT Type-A, and are Specification 7A packages.

Please note that Frontier Technology Type-A shipping containers are not compatible with gamma sources. Gamma sources require lead containers for shipping and transportation – FTC does not fabricate these kind of Type A containers.

What is a Type-A Container?

Radioactive storage and shipping containers made to FTC standards must demonstrate their ability to withstand a series of tests without releasing their contents. Regulations require that the container safeguard its contents from breaches or contamination and maintain sufficient shielding under conditions normally encountered during transportation.

To evaluate our products’ ability to maintain their integrity during normal transport conditions, Type-A shipping containers are subjected to tests such as:

  • Water spray for one hour to simulate rainfall of two inches per hour
  • Free-fall drop test onto a hard, flat surface to ensure structural integrity
  • Compression of at least five times the weight of the package
  • Penetration tests that involve dropping a 13-lb., 1.25”-diameter bar vertically onto the package from 3.3’ in the air

As our containers are certified Type-A, you can rest assured that our radioactive shipping containers can safely hold their contents through adverse conditions and under a wide variety of possible stresses.

Type-A Radioactive Storage Containers for Hazardous Materials

FTC’s standard shipping packages are suitable for transportation and storage of Special Form sources. Special Form materials are radioactive isotopes that must be enclosed in Type-A radioactive packaging so that they can withstand fires or other threats.

Our Type-A packages provide secure shipping for external radiation levels that do not exceed the legal shipping limits of 200 mRem/hour at the container surface or 10 mRem/hour at 1 meter away from these surfaces.

FTC’s radioactive storage containers effectively preserve Cf-252 and other neutron sources (particularly depleted sources). When radioactive materials are depleted of their usefulness, our Type-A packages can help return sources through our complementary neutron source return program.

FTC remains deeply committed to the long-term management of radioactive sources. We possess a strong sense of responsibility in ensuring that all sources are provided, stored, and returned safely. In this way, we hope to play our part in the development of groundbreaking advances in nuclear energy and research.

Effective Shielding Translates to Enhanced Public Safety

We can increase the shielding effectiveness of any of our standard package designs by adding additional, specialized shielding during design and manufacture. We also incorporate specially shielded source holders to add a further layer of protection.

In this way, we seek to further preserve the safety of workers and the public at large, allowing citizens to continue to reap the benefits that Cf-252 can bring without exposing them to undue risks in the process.

Standard Type-A Shipping Containers — For Rental and Sale

MODEL 50240 MODEL 50220 MODEL 50200
5 Gallon 30 Gallon 55 Gallon
Up to 10 ug Up to 50 ug Up to 110 ug
45 lbs 275 lbs 500 lbs
20.5 kg 125 kg 227 kg
Perm: 100 lbs Perm: 500 lbs Perm: 880 lbs
30 cm x 30 cm x 35 cm 51 cm x 51 cm x 76 cm 61 cm x 61 cm x 89 cm
12” x 12” x 14” 22” x 22” x 34” 25” x 25” x 35”

Custom Type-A Shipping Containers — For Rental

MODEL 50120 MODEL 50110 MODEL 50100 MODEL 50300
Stubby Baby Twin Long Ton
Up to 700 ug Up to 1870 ug Up to 5000 ug Up to 4000 ug
1860 lbs 3940 lbs 7400 lbs 6900 lbs
Perm: 1920 lbs Perm: 4300 lbs Perm: 8000 lbs Perm: 8000 lbs
42” x 30” x 38” 47” x 41” x 43” 64” x 51” x 53” 16’ x 50” x 50”

Expert Consulting for Package Sizing and Properties

Our team will work with you to find the best Type-A radioactive packaging solution for your needs. The suitability of packages for source storage depends on both source size and external radiation levels specified by the customer. We offer a wide range of standard container sizes and types, and we can also develop custom containers as needed for specialized purposes.

Special Design and Fabrication from FTC

FTC is proud to offer a comprehensive line of radioactive storage and shipping containers for clients in the nuclear energy and research fields.

We fabricate either whole units or specialized aspects of containers as needed. For example, we can fill customer-supplied shells with WEP shielding material to make them fit for radioactive material transport.

If you would like to learn more about our efficient radioactive shipping and storage solutions, be sure to contact us or request a quote today.